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Compensation Notice

Regarding the compensation standard for loss of goods

Dear Customer:

As the goods are in transit, they need to go through customs, air transportation, and destination transit and delivery. There will be customs inspections, deductions and returns, low quality of the delivery personnel at the destination, etc. It may lead to missing goods. In order to protect mutual benefits, our company's notice on the handling of the problem of missing parts and fewer goods during the odd delivery is as follows:

<1> First of all, it is recommended that customers purchase insurance on their own for high-value and high-risk goods before shipment. Please pack your mobile phones, cameras, tablets, and fragile items properly. If lost or damaged, our company will not be liable for any compensation.

 <2> If the goods are lost or lack of goods during the transshipment, it shall be verified by our company. The claim will be settled with reference to the declared value of the goods or 2 times the freight within 20 working days at the latest. The compensation shall be settled according to the proportion of the loss, whichever is the lower, and the maximum per ticket shall not exceed 100 US dollars; if the goods are lost before export, the freight can be returned; the goods that are lost after arriving at the destination cannot be returned.

<3> In case of loss/detainment of cargo due to customs inspection, the customer shall bear all legal liabilities for contraband.

<4> If the customer falsely reports and conceals or fails to report cargo information, or the sensitive cargo fills up general cargo. In the event of missing or missing items, our company will not refund the shipping fee or pay compensation. If the waybill has no declared value. Based on the cargo information provided by the customer on the same day, the maximum compensation will be 2 times the weight of the lost cargo. (If the goods have many names. You can provide a list with the goods for our company to keep at the bottom)

<5> Please remind the recipient to confirm that the goods are intact before signing for receipt, if the packaging of the goods is found to be damaged. It is recommended that you refuse to sign on the spot or report to the dispatcher for issues such as incorrect receipt or underpayment. Make a signature record and be sure to submit it to our company within 24 hours from the day of receipt of the goods, and provide relevant evidence such as packaging pictures and weight records; No appeal beyond the time limit;

 <6> The final interpretation of this notice belongs to our company.

Guangzhou New Southwest International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd.
January 1, 2019

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